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How to Rename a Printer – Easy Way to Change the Printer Name Quickly

When you purchase a printer, installing it is a tiresome job. You have to set a default name of the printer. For generating a default name, you can take the help of the manufacturer. It becomes the default name of the printer and always appears the same on the display screen. If there’s a single printer added to the operating system, then there’s no problem, but when more no. of printers are added, then the issue of the name may appear. There are several methods to change this display name of the printer. In this article, I’ll be showing three simple ways to rename the printer of your wish. For this, you need to follow the below steps and complete the process. 

How to Rename a Printer in Windows 10?

1. Start with the Settings app

starting with setting appYou need to open the settings app first to rename the printer. Now, to open the settings app, 

  • Left-click on the Windows start menu. 
  • A pop up mini options will appear, click on the settings icon.
  • Choose Devices.
  • From the windows of devices, go to printers and scanners. 
  • You’ll find a lost of the installed printers and scanners on the right side.
  • Scroll through the name of the printer which you wish to change.
  • Click on the manage button and select printer properties.
  • You will have a pop-up window of the selected printer.
  • Now move to the general tab
  • You will find a textbox which says the current name of the printer.  
  • Delete the current name and type the new name as per your preference
  • Once you type the new name, click on the OK button given at the bottom.

2. Rename with the control Panel

rename with controll panelThere are updates in windows ten and has many options for converting it in a more familiar way. This can lead to the replacement of settings into the control panel.

To rename your name of the printer with the control panel, follow the below steps:

  • Open the app of the control panel with the help of typing control panel in search. 
  • Under the “Hardware and Sound” section, click on “View devices and printer.”
  • By right click locate the printer with the name of your choice. 
  • Now click on printer properties from the menu bar.
  • Now you can refer the steps which we have done for the settings app.

3. Rename with Powershell

Rename with PowershellPowershell is a sophisticated and advanced version of the commands. For renaming your printer with Powershell follow the steps below:

  • Launch PowerShell by typing PowerShell in the search box of the taskbar.
  • Once you open the PowerShell window, type command “Get-Printer/Format table, SHareName” and now press enter. 
  • Now in the command type Rename- Printer-Name and write the current printer name and New name with the new printer name. 
  • To run the command and rename the printer name now press enter and enjoy the new name.

Now that you have a piece of brief information on renaming the printer name with settings app, Control Panel, and Powershell. One can easily do the process following the above steps and also can maintain a sequence wise name if you have more than one printer. Always keep the model number in mind so that you can recognize the original name of the printer. 

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