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How to Print Google Doc with Comments – Step by Step Guide to Print it

Google Docs has made our lives easier than we imagined! Writing and taking down notes is an integral part of professional work today, and with Google Docs, it is just so easy! You have all the benefits of Microsoft Word and more, and it is absolutely free! We particularly love the fact that we can share Docs with just about anyone and give them the liberty to either edit, view, or comment. This enables collaboration and ensures that there are no misunderstandings.

Collaboration also helps professionals work quickly and efficiently. Once you are done typing, you can share the document without the arduous task of downloading, saving, and attaching it to an email. The one who is viewing can comment or edit based on the liberties given, and you can make the changes suggested immediately. How smooth!

However, we think Google Docs is an ocean and has many features that we aren’t even aware of. When the need arises, we question its possibility but then forget about it later. One such requirement comes when we want to print the document.

Can you print Google Docs with comments?

​Regardless of whether a Google Doc has comments, it won’t print them in its default settings. But, does that mean that it is simply not possible? Of course, not! We live in a world full of possibilities, and printing out Google Docs with comments is one of them. The reason why people find it difficult is that the method is not very obvious.

But, you can easily print Google Docs with comments. It is a quick method!

How to Print Comments in Google Docs?

Now, let’s walk through the process so that you finally unlock the mystery! Please follow the steps below:

  • – Step by Step Guide to Print it Once you are ready to print the Google Doc, go to File on the top left.
  •  Choose the Download As an option, and a few options will open up in a drop-down box.
  • Choose Web Page.
  • This will save the document as an HTML file on your computer.
  • Now, open that saved HTML file. It will open in the browser.
  • You will see all the comments as footnotes.
  • Now, choose the print option to print this web page.
  • Done!

An alternate method

If you do not want the comments to come as footnotes, we suggest that you take a screenshot of the document with the canvas that has the comments and then, print the image. While this may not be the best method, it can work.

We know that a few people are claiming that a couple of extensions allow the printing of comments, but we do not want to vouch for any of them.

The aforementioned methods are the easiest and safest options. Try them and let us know your feedback. Also, if you know any other reliable methods, please feel free to tell us through comments. We will be more than happy to add them to our list.

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  1. Google Doc makes it easier for professionals who have notes to save in daily life. I read your blog and good interesting facts and ways to use it. I am glad to read it.

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