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How to print double sided on google docs – Fully Explained

Google changed the game when it comes to people who don’t work Windows OS. As there are other operating systems as well that do not support Microsoft office, the option of writing with ease in google documents is something everyone is pleased with. One can easily create the document in their google drive and access it whenever they want. As it works like Microsoft Word, many people have also now said goodbye to Word and have started using google docs only for the routine as well as other workplace-related work.

How to print double-sided on google docs

 However, people are yet to get accustomed to all the functions of the google document. Hence there is a commonly asked query of how to print double-sided google docs. To help all the readers and the ones facing this issue while working with Google document, I will mention two ways that you can use to print double-sided:

1. Printing double-sided with your fully advanced printerfully advance printer

Some printers come with an option to print on both sides while other printers can’t do it in one go. So this method is for the printers that have the function of “duplex printing.” Check for this function in the user’s manual of your printer and then follow this procedure. And don’t worry if your printer doesn’t have that function as the second solution will help you with that too.

  • Once you have finalized the document, press Ctrl+P for windows and Command+P for iOS. You can also get the option of “Print” by clicking on the option of File on the toolbar given in the document.
  • Now a dialogue box pops up for the command where you can also see the print window panel that shows the preview of the document along with the number of pages.
  • Tap on the “Print Using System Dialog” option given on the left bottom of the window.
  • Clicking on this option will open up a menu where you can find the option of “Print on both sides,” “Duplex printing,” or “Double-sided printing.”
  • These options depend upon your printer so you can select a similar choice and tap the button to print.

2. Printing double-sided with non-duplex printersnon duplex printer

One has to find their ways around doing things, right? So if your printer isn’t displaying the option of duplex printing, don’t worry as I have got you all covered. Follow this easy procedure:

  • Select the option of Print from the toolbar or press Ctrl+P.
  • Once the print window panel pops up, you can go to the option of “Pages.”
  • There are two choices given to you on clicking this option: All and Customised.
  • Select the option of “Customised” and write odd numbers such as 1,3,5,7, etc to print the pages with odd numbers.
  • Once you get all these pages printed, put the pile of the printed papers in a sequence back again and select the option of Customized again.
  • This time write the even page numbers such as 2,4,6,8, etc to get your document printed double side.

Easy, wasn’t it? Although you have to run the pages through the printer twice it is fine as you are saving paper too. Printing documents on both the sides hardly takes a couple of minutes given that you know the procedure properly. Now that you know how to work with both the types of printer I hope you can print documents double-sided. You can use this same method of odd and even for Microsoft word, too, if your printer doesn’t have the option of duplex printing.

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