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Flsun Delta Kossel 3D Printer DIY Kit Reviewed and Compared

If you are looking for a good quality 3D printer without having to splurge, you probably already came across the Flsun Delta Kossel 3D printer DIY kit. It is a great kit especially if you already have a little knowledge about 3D printing. After using it, we have realized that it may not be ideal for beginners. Here’s our Flsun Delta 3D printer review to give you a complete picture.

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Flsun 3D Printer Review

The contents

The kit contains a heated bed, double fan cooling system for the board, double fan for the effector, LCD display, SD card, tools, masking tape, and filaments. It also includes a sample PLA filament.

  • The SD card comes with preloaded model files as well as the software to make things easier for you.
  • The double fan system ensures better quality and stable printing.
  • The heated bed comes with a 12V/20A power switch.
  • You can use the LCD display to print offline.
  • It has an aluminum alloy frame.
  • It works easily with almost all types of filaments such as wood composites, metal composites, conductive PLA, ABS, PLA, and dissolvable PVA.
  • It is a complete DIY kit, and you won’t have to buy anything extra. All you need to do is assemble the Flsun Delta 3D printer, and you can start printing.

The assembly

The DIY kit comes with a manual to help you through the assembly, but we noticed that it is not up-to-date. A few things are not clear and could really confuse the user. With all our experience with 3D printers, it still took us a few hours to assemble. So, it could take you much longer than that!

However, we can vouch for the fact that assembly is fun and if you are really interested in DIY projects, you will find the process really engaging.

The printing process

This might be a little tedious. It will take you time to get the hang of it, and the first few prints may be a little troublesome. Just remember to preheat before you start printing and it will accelerate the process for you. Also, you must auto-level every time you print.

So, all in all, you will need to keep tweaking with each print, and you will understand the whole process after a few tries. You can always get in touch with their support team for further assistance.

The support

Chances are, you will find the need to talk to their technical support team to understand a number of aspects of the kit. Establishing connection through Skye pe or email might be difficult. The team is quite helpful, but you wouldn’t particularly call it convenient.

If you need a walk-through, this is not the kind of support you will appreciate.

The verdict

The kit in itself is a great buy, but it is for someone who has experience with 3D printers and patience. It needs a lot of tweaking, adjusting, and understanding for it to work perfectly. All the components are of good quality, and it is quite affordable. However, you must be careful while going through the manual and instructions so that you do not get confused and make mistakes.

Are you planning on buying the Flsun 3D printer? We’d love to hear your review!

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