Can you print on watercolor paper – A perfect guide for printing on watercolor paper

Many artists like to print on watercolor papers because of two reasons- first, for the picture to look more real and authentic and second, because these papers are thicker than the usual papers used for printing. If you are looking for answers to whether you can print on watercolor paper or not, then you are in the right place. Could you read this article to find out about it? 

What is a watercolor paper? How is it different from normal paper?

A watercolor based paper is usually used by artists to draw and paint on using watercolors. There are several differences between watercolor papers and normal printmaking papers, such as differences in their thickness, weight, and even the material. As these papers are used for painting, they need to be more porous and absorbent. Watercolor papers are thick, whereas the normal ones are extremely thin. It’s also very difficult to draw on the normal printmaking papers because of their thinness. 

Can you print on watercolor paper?

watercolor paper

Here is the simple answer to this question: yes. You can print on water paper. It is a common practice amongst a lot of artists to use such papers for printing. Generally, they use watercolor papers instead of normal ones because they want to replicate the exact same picture on the monitor. These papers are also chunkier and thicker, and that helps to hold the print in place. 

However, just because you can print on them doesn’t mean you should. 

Is it safe to use watercolor paper for printing?

So the answer to this here depends on the type of printer that you use. Your normal cheaper versions cannot take in the watercolor paper due to its thickness. The normal papers are around 210-250 gsm (grams per square meter) in weight, whereas paper of watercolor weigh about 300 gsm and above. 

You need to look for and invest in a good quality printer that can take in watercolor based papers. The most basic mistake which you can make is buying the wrong printer for printing the paper. The general printers cannot be used for this purpose because, due to the thickness of watercolor papers, they might get jammed into the printer. So your ordinary printer won’t be good enough to print. Also, if you’re unsure whether your printer can or cannot print on watercolor, it is always better to get an expert’s help for it. 

Another problem with printing on these papers is that you won’t be getting the same picture that you see on your monitor. It is a very common point that the print on watercolor papers is darker than what it actually looks like on the screen. 


There isn’t one perfect answer to this as there are several conditions and factors which you will have to consider while trying to print on papers. Despite this, a number of artists do print on beautiful watercolor based papers without facing any problems, so you might as well do it. Just make sure that you are using a good quality printer for it. So now when you know that everything is possible, why don’t you try it out and comment on your results. We are eagerly waiting for your response.

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